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La Torre | Real Estate & Luxury Andorra

La Torre | Real Estate & Luxury Andorra

Destined to transform the skyline of Escaldes Engordany into a modern urban center with even more personality. La Torre building is considered one of the most ambitious and exciting architectural projects in Andorra in the last 25 years.

Av. de les Nacions Unides
AD700 Escaldes-Engordany
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Quality finishes

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Basics Reinforced concrete slab, supported on jet grouting.

Slabs - Flat and Inclined Roofs Reinforced concrete.

Basement Walls The retaining walls of the basements will be made of reinforced concrete with a perimeter screen for micropiles, and a Sika waterproofing system.

Pillars The pillars will be made of reinforced concrete and metal.

Façades Façade, in large format porcelain stoneware and aluminum, cut according to elevation plans.

Voladius Alucobond type veneered aluminum veneer front.

Crowns Metal crowns, according to facade plans

Exterior Railings Laminar glass 8 + 8.

Exterior Facade Facade enclosure wall, using a dry construction system with the latest technological innovations in sustainability and energy efficiency. Finished according to Alucobond façade plans and large format porcelain stoneware.

Housing Interior Divisions Interior partitions and transoms, with rock wool insulation, in plasterboard type system for partitions. Finished all painted.

Building access lobbies The building access lobby, finished in large format porcelain stoneware cladding and wooden slats of oak, according to detailed plans.

Access landings for homes and offices Stair landings will be finished with vertical strips of oak wood and paint, according to detailed plans. >

Commercial Premises The interior of the commercial premises will be left in the pallet finish.

Vertical Facings Housing The partitions of the houses will be made using the plasterboard type system for interiors. Painted with two coats of plastic paint.

Kitchen Anti-moisture plasterboard, finished painted with color plastic paint to choose from the developer.

Bathrooms The bathroom of the main suite will be finished with color microcement coating to be chosen by the developer or top quality porcelain stoneware model to be chosen by the developer .
The rest of the bathrooms will be covered with top quality ground porcelain stoneware tiles, a model to be chosen by the developer.

Parking, cleaning rooms and rubbish In the car park, the walls of exposed concrete and exposed concrete blocks will be painted, in different colors, to choose from. promoter.
The cleaning room and the garbage room will be plastered with cement mortar and tiled with porcelain stoneware.

Home and Office Access Lobbles Large format porcelain stoneware flooring. An Emco or similar house will be placed at the entrance to the building, including stainless steel perimeters.

Replacements for access to homes Large format porcelain stoneware flooring.

Home Interior Natural oak parquet with wide slat or porcelain stoneware. The placement of all the elements will be done following all the indications of the manufacturer. The finishes and pavement changes with the bathrooms will be made with new profiles for the Emac Complements house or similar.

Kitchen Porcelain stoneware flooring.

Bathrooms The bathroom in the master suite will be finished with natural oak or porcelain stoneware parquet flooring. The rest of the bathrooms will be finished with top quality ground porcelain stoneware tiles.

Commercial Premises Commercial premises will be left without pavement or regrowth sheet.

Parking, cleaning and rubbish In the car park, there will be a concrete pavement with a swirling finish with helicopter with quartz finish painted with colored epoxy resins to be chosen by the developer. On parking ramps, the finish will be carborundum for more grip.

Exterior flooring The entrance porch to the building's lobby, terraces and balconies will be finished with non-slip porcelain stoneware.

Access lobby and stairwells A false ceiling of oak and cardboard slats will be placed in the ground floor access lobby. plaster, according to plan detail. A false plasterboard ceiling will be placed on the landings of the houses, painted white.

Homes Homes will be placed with a false ceiling of whiteboard, painted white. A plasterboard with water-repellent treatment will be used in bathrooms and kitchens.

Commercial premises, parking, cleaning premises and rubbish In these spaces the roof will be of exposed concrete.

Terraces and cantilevers False ceiling with aluminum sheet from Alucobond or similar.

Exterior windows Oscillating and fixed windows and balconies, made of Schüco, Reynaers or similar aluminum, black, with triple glazing with bridge break thermal and air chamber.
Sliding balconies, made of Schüco, Reynaers or similar aluminum, black, triple glazed with thermal break and air chamber.

Curtain wall Curtain wall on the ground and first floors, made of Schüco, Reynaers or similar aluminum, black, double glazing with thermal break and air chamber with argon.

Blinds Motorized blinds in lacquered aluminum, with adjustable slats, black, from Griesser or Persycom or similar.

Home entrance door Armored with electronic security lock and 3-point silencer. Exterior finish with oak veneer like the lobby, white lacquered interior finish like the rest of the interior carpentry. Includes pre-frame, chrome hinges and exterior handle.

Interior doors Type P4-Profiled, of the house CARRE-HULSTA, S.A. or similar, with white lacquered finish. Includes smooth handles and condemnations on bathroom doors. The hinges will be hidden.

Bedroom wardrobes From the house POLIFORM or similar, with interior finish with melamine color to choose from the developer. Swing doors of the same wood in white lacquered finish. Includes edge trim and trim, hinges and drawers.

Parking door Sectional door, black, electronically controlled (one control per dwelling), single leaf, with scaffolding and steel profile structure galvanized; of the Hörmann house or similar. A barrier will be placed for daytime crossing.

Parking fire doors They will be metal from the Andreu house or similar, approved, glazed in a color to be chosen by the developer.

Garbage doors and technical rooms Metal RF60 with hidden frame. Paneled on the outside with steel sheet and on the inside glazed in white.

Kitchen Furniture Supply and placement of kitchen furniture from Bulthaup model B1 or similar, white color to be chosen by the developer. Includes high-ceiling furniture, Bulthaup synthetic kitchen countertop or similar with vertical return up to 90cm.

Appliances Induction hob set with recirculation extractor with activated carbon filter set from Bora or similar.
Oven and microwave finished in black and stainless steel. Siemens House or similar.
Integrated fridge-freezer and dishwasher. Siemens House or similar. To panel with the same finish the kitchen furniture Bulthaup model B1 or similar.

Faucet and Sink Removable single lever tap. White house or similar, chrome finish. Rectangular sink, a bucket, made of stainless steel, under the countertop. White House or similar.

Faucets Single lever wall-mounted washbasin tap for all bathrooms, from Axor or similar, chrome finish.
Single lever bidet faucet, from Axor or similar, chrome finish.
Built-in thermostatic shower faucet from Hansgrohe or similar, flex and teleshower cylinder. Recessed sprinkler on the roof of the Hansgrohe house or similar, 40x40cm, chrome finish. For all bathrooms where there is a shower.
Built-in thermostatic bathtub tap from Hansgrohe or similar, large built-in flow, flex and cylinder teleshower. Recessed sprinkler on the roof of the Hansgrohe house or similar, 40x40cm, chrome finish. For all bathrooms where there is a bathtub.

Sanitary ware Washbasin: Oval bowl for all bathrooms. Over-the-counter. Casa Unibaño or similar.
Standing toilet of the house Villeroy & Boch or similar, with cistern and cushioned seat. Bidet standing house Villeroy & Boch or similar.
Suspended whenever possible. Complete suspended toilet from Villeroy & Boch or similar house and cushioned seat.
Suspended bidet from Villeroy & Boch House or similar.
Duofix with built-in odor extraction (Duofresh) from Geberit or similar.
Duofresh button from the house Geberito similar.
Toilet and bidet holder from Geberit or similar.

Shower tray Resin. The size. Everything in white including the drain cover. Casa Hidrobox or similar.

Bathtub White acrylic. Casa Villeroy & Boch or similar.

Bathroom furniture Tailor-made. Laminate finished in Natural Oak or, Lacquered in white, with white worktop. Casa Unibaño or similar.

Heating and domestic hot water The production comes from the Feda-Ecoterm network, reducing maintenance costs and noise from traditional aerothermal equipment.
The interior distribution will be done by radiant floor.
Towel radiators will be placed in the main bathrooms.

Air conditioning All homes will have cold air distribution equipment and facilities.

Electric Top quality, with built-in tube, plugs and switches from the house Gira or Niessen or similar, model and color to choose from the developer.
Installation of TV and telephone in the living room and bedrooms.
Installation of a video intercom for street access.
The homes will be lit: the halls, bathrooms, hallways and kitchens.
In the bedrooms, an LED profile will be installed at the head of the bed to set the mood and light points will be provided.
The rest of the spaces will be adapted with light points, for personalization with luminaires for the customer.
On the terraces, installation of LED outdoor lighting profiles.
There will be a home automation installation for the control of the blinds and the heating of all the spaces. Each home will also have a fire detector and a flood detector to provide a much higher degree of safety to residents. (This system allows you to do so if the customer wants to expand it in the future.)

Elevators Four electric elevators without an engine room. Cabin with high standing finishes, led light. Capacity for 13 people (1,000 kg).
Adapted for wheelchairs, with Braille buttons and call log. Maneuvering of priority use of Firemen. Set of doors and walls with RF-120.